Riverlegal Lawyers


A firm of switched on lawyers, RiverLegal is energised from within by our deep history of professional integrity and valued performance consistency.

We are committed to delivering personal action strategies, taking the time to really get to know you and your business. Connected to our clients, their families and their businesses, we go beyond what other law firms do.


September 2020 – RiverLegal has relocated our Brisbane office:

Suite 2, Level 4
303 Adelaide Street
Brisbane Qld 4000

Desmond Chambers was built in 1912-13 and we are proud to be the latest tenant of this heritage-listed building designed by architects Atkinson & McLay.

August 2020 – RiverLegal has opened up a new branch on the Gold Coast (by appointment only):

Floor 2, Building 3
325 Lakehouse Corporate Space
34 Glenferrie Drive
Robina Qld 4226